Detur charterrejse, 145 % ROI via online marketing samarbejde med Selected Media

Overbevisende udvikling og eksekvering af online marketing strategi resulterede i 145% ROI for charterrejse selskabet Detur.

This report is based on a three-month proof-of-concept course initiated between Selected Media and Detur in august 2013. The initial objective was to increase the conversion rate from 0.66% to 1%.

This goal was achieved with excellence (in writing, the
conversion rate is between 1% and 1.6%) and a cooperation agreement for 2014 was drawn.

This agreement opened up for the following media and online marketing initiatives:

• Google AdWords Remarketing
• Google AdWords Display
• Bing
• Facebook
• Open Ad Exchange

This report contains the results and graphic visualization of the 2014 online marketing efforts.

The next steps and focus in 2015 will be search engine
optimization (SEO) and email marketing.

Læs rapport (åbner som PDF)